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Here at MonkeyfingeR we are throwers first. We are passionate about creating skill toys because we love skill toys. We constantly strive to design and create products that we, and hopefully you, find fun. If you are an advanced player or someone who is just beginning your journey, we have a skill toy that will speak to you.

Welcome to MFD!

We have two STores!

From the moment the box arrives to the moment of the first play, there is no mistaking a MonkerfingeR product. We endeavour to make every single skill toy a memorable experience. To help out with that, we have not one, but TWO stores!

One is for the public, and another for our MonkeyfingeR Zoo community. The Zoo store gives our community early access to product drops, promotions, company news, contests, and special events, and more! Joining the Zoo is free and easy to do.

We have a zoo

Have you become part of the Zoo yet? MonkeyfingeR runs its own official community where those that love our skill toys can stay in touch with us. Our members get access to all of the exciting MonkeyfingeR news as it develops, such as upcoming events and incoming products. Members also get access to special promotions and contests!

Our Yo-yos

This is where it all started for MonkeyfingeR, and we take great pride in our yo-yos. We believe in making yo-yos that are both interesting and fun.

Our own custom FrankenLAB is where the magic happens. Less of a workshop and more of a laboratory, this is where MonkeyfingeR Ray spends his time tinkering with the designs and working on colourways.

We ensure that each yo-yo is machined using the high quality aluminum and to the highest standards. Anodizing and assembly is done in house.

MFD Team Captain Will Hahn’s signature yo-yo. The Aotus is an evolution of the Tri-B, one of our more beloved yo-yos of all time. Comfortable to throw and stable on the string, the Aotus is suitable for both 1A and 5A play. A fantastic choice for your first MFD yo-yo.


    • Diameter: 58mm
    • Width: 44mm
    • Gap width: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 64.8g

Our latest foray into an organic-esque yo-yo, the Backstage Pass arrived in 2021 and has been one of our most popular yo-yos to date. Co-created with Nick Diffatte, the Backstage Pass is super comfortable thanks to its smooth and subtle butterfly shape. Another great choice for starting your MonkeyfingeR journey!


    • Diameter: 55mm
    • Width: 44mm
    • Gap width: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 64.7g

Definitely not a conspiracy theory, but an actual reality. The Conspiracy represents a departure for MonkeyfingeR as our first attempt to produce a competition ready yo-yo. The Conspiracy be nimble, the Conspiracy be quick. But don’t let that fool you, it is still great yo-yo everyday play.


    • Diameter: 56mm
    • Width: 44mm
    • Gap width: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 65.4g

Currently enjoying its v2.1 iteration, the Gelada is one of our longest running production yo-yos. An almost pure organic shape with a large diameter gives the Gelada plenty of character, performance, and comfort. A fan favourite!


    • Diameter: 57mm
    • Width: 44mm
    • Gap width: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 64.7g

Co-created with Chris Allen, a prominent yo-yo community member, this throw is designed to only use 7075 aluminum. Strap in and get ready because this throw is fast!  It has amazing spin times and weighs in at a perfect 66 grams, everyone’s sweet spot. But don’t let the radical design scare you, because this yo-yo plays well for everyone!


    • Diameter: 58mm
    • Width: 44mm
    • Gap width: 4.25mm
    • Weight: 67.4g
The Prime8 is the signature throw of Tyler Jorgensen, a former MFD team member and captain. This design mates a smooth organic shape with a small H-shape step, allowing us to push more mass to the rims. This in turn gives the Prime8 increased spin time while remaining comfortable to hold in the hand.


    • Diameter: 55mm
    • Width: 43.5mm
    • Gap width: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 65.0g

The reimagining of a classic! The 2Evil is a new take on the EvilYo, the yo-yo that started it all for MonkeyfingeR! Its concave V-shape gives the 2Evil a massive catch zone despite its relatively smaller size. Quirky and full of character, the 2Evil is a throwing experience that is different at first but one you will quickly grow to love.


    • Diameter: 52.5mm
    • Width: 43.1mm
    • Gap width: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 64.4g

A newer addition to the MonkeyfingeR product lineup, our begleri and knuckle rollers are custom designed in-house. As with all things MonkeyfingeR, all of our crazy colourways and anodization is done in-house by Ray himself!

Our Begleri

A newer addition to the MonkeyfingeR product lineup, our begleri and knuckle rollers are custom designed in-house. As with all things MonkeyfingeR, all of our crazy colourways and anodization is done in-house by Ray himself!

Ape AbductorsThe Ape Abductors are designed with asymmetric beads that have a varying amount of mass from top to bottom. This lets the player turn them around to customize how they play. Additionally, each set of Ape Adductors comes with an Escape Pod weight that can be added at the top or bottom of your setup. It’s your preference, and each pod weighs in at 1.4g. Backwards compatible with the MonkeyBARs weight system, the Ape Abductors can do it all.


    • Bead height: 22.9mm
    • Bead width: 19.1mm
    • Bead mass: 11.6g

Ape GrapesSlender on both ends the Ape Grapes look fantastic and perform well. Weighing in at only 13.2 grams this design is all about the speed with no sharp edges to slow you down. Performance just got turned up to the max. Combined with our unique anodizing techniques means this begleri is a winner every time!


    • Bead height: 22.6mm
    • Bead width: 20.5mm
    • Bead mass: 13.2g

Executive ApesDesigned for both speed and casual play, the Executive Apes can handle any trick and combo you throw at them. Using stainless steel for the lower section of the bead gives it a super low centre of gravity. Each bead has two grooves to accomodate our new mini Bumperz. The Executive Apes come fully protected AND gives you the player the ability to customise as you like. Be original and make these beads your own!


    • Bead height: 19.9mm
    • Bead width: 17.1mm
    • Bead mass: 11.9g

KOKOnutzWith the release of the KOKOnutz, MonkeyfingeR was the first to introduce two new technologies to the sport: the ability to alter the weight of your begleri beads and a protection system that helps prevent damage to your beads through our silicone Bumperz. The shape lends itself to sliding easily between your fingers for more complicated tricks and maneuvers.


    • Bead height: 24.5mm
    • Bead width: 20.7mm
    • Bead mass: 12.0g

Private ReserveA true team design effort, the Private Reserve introduced a brand new tech called CRT (control rod technology). This gives the player the ability to adjust the mass preference pretty much to the gram. You are no longer stuck with the mass of the bead as it shipped from the factory. It’s time to customize to your perfect weight for maximum performance with the Private Reserve.


    • Bead height: 20.0mm
    • Bead width: 20.4mm
    • Bead mass: 11.7g

TikiRollerzThe TikiRollerz allows you to convert any of our existing (and future) begleri into a knuckle roller toy, and back again! Two toys in one, baby! As with all things MonkeyfingeR, the TikiRollerz come in some crazy colours that are good enough to eat, although we don’t recommend doing that (we tried, and it’s a bit tough on the teeth).


    • Bar length: 24.6mm (regular) or 30.0mm (large)
    • Bar width: 13.0mm (regular) or 13.0mm (large)
    • Bar mass: 4.8g (regular) or 6.8mm (large)

Our Team



Our team capain! Will has been throwing yo-yos since 2011 and been a long time member of Team MFD!

Primary Style: 1A


Joseph has been throwing yo-yos since 2013. He joined Team MFD in 2019 and has been slinging for us ever since.

Primary Style: 1A


A true MFD fan and team member, Andrew brings his own unorthodox style to yo-yos and throwing.

Primary style: 5A


One of our begleri players on Team MFD, Rob has been into skill toys since he was 12 years old, and it shows when you watch him play. 


While Ben does throw yo-yos, his real passion is begleri. He is part of our begleri team, and might be one of the happiest people on the planet.


An instructor with two bachelor degrees, Glenn still finds time to work on being one of the best knuckle rollers around. He is part of the Tikirollerz arm of Team MFD.


Our marketing guru! Part magician, part yo-yo thrower, and part marketing genius. Robb provides guidance for the marketing efforts here at MonkeyfingeR.


The Zookeeper! JT is a long time yo-yo and MFD fan who has been helping out here and there for years. He manages the MFD community and runs our livestreams.

MonkeyfingeR Ray

MonkeyfingeR Ray

The man of mystery himself! MonkeyfingeR Ray is the founder and longtime brains behind MFD. Plus, he is famous for his crazy custom anodization!

Proudly Canadian, and crazy as hell

MonkeyfingeR was founded in the great white north and remains proudly Canadian. Our skill toys are designed at the MonkeyfingeR Zoo in Alberta, Canada. All parts are expertly machined using the highest standards to ensure that every skill toy made by us and purchased by you is of top quality.

Our producsts are designed in house, our anodizing is done in house, and both have more than a touch of crazy! We believe our skill toys should be insane to look at and insane to play with.

MonkeyfingerR. 100% Canadian. 98% nuts.

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Our community is completely bonkers, and we love it. From our skilled and nutty team, to our thoroughly insane customers, we are surrounded by a bunch of rabid animals who are utterly MFD-crazy. We are grateful to all of our team and fans for helping to make MonkeyfingeR what it is today!

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