Designed by Players

We are passionate about creating skill toys because we love to play, throw, and flip. Here at MonkeyfingeR we are throwers and flippers first, and we constantly strive to design and create skill toys that we find fun and that we hope you will find fun also. No matter if you are an advanced player or someone who is just beginning your journey, we have a skill toy that will speak to you and grow with you.


Here at MonkeyfingeR we believe that no two monkeys are the same, and we are ready to work with you to make sure that you can express your inner primate in a way that is uniquely your own. Whether that means a custom return top or begleri colourway, a custom string colour, a different silicone colour, or any combination that you can think of, we can work with you to create a colour scheme that is all you. Be a unique monkey with a customized MonkeyfingeR return top or begleri!

Proudly Canadian

MonkeyfingeR was founded in Canada and remains proudly Canadian. Our skill toys are designed at the MonkeyfingeR Zoo in Alberta, Canada. Return top machining is performed in North America using the highest standards to ensure that every return top made by us and purchased by you is of top quality. Our MonkeyfingeR vines raw materials come from Canada, Leaf Pouches are produced here and all Anodizing is done in house. 100% MonkeyfingeR. Proudly Canadian.

We have a ZOO

Have you become part of the Zoo yet? MonkeyfingeR is proud to run its own official fan club where those that love our skill toys can stay in touch with us and get access to all of the exciting MonkeyfingeR news as it develops, such as upcoming events and incoming products. Members will also get access to special promotions and contests!