Grip Garage


The Grip Garage will be available in four distinct colours combos. Each setup comes with easy snap carabiners to attach to belts, loops, bags, or whatever you need to connect it to. This system secures your throw with a quick-release button grab. Next, we have the precision-machined bearing tool with the exact dimensions needed to safely pull your bearing without damaging your yo-yo’s bearing seat or anodized finish. The perfect fit to show your bearing some love. Once removed, you can give it a clean and lube it up with our Gorillius Lubricus bearing conditioner. Or just replace it with another Tasmania Tornado MFD bearing if you need to.

The next tool is our newly designed pick tool. We have redesigned our original tool to help pull knots and cut strings more easily. Comfortable and safe, you can pick a knot and cut a string as often as you need. Finally, the entire setup is finished off with either a 12 or 20-sided D&D dice because, you know, style.

There are a lot of yo-yo holders out there on the market, but there is only one that comes with a garage full of tools. Grab one to park your throw and keep it safe.


**MFD is not responsible for the misuse of this product.  Always be careful using the tools to take care not to scratch or harm the surface of your yoyo or damage your bearing seat **



    • 7 $You'll save 12.5% per bearing
    • 21 $you'll save almost 9% per box
    • 4 $you'll save 20% per bottle
    • 4 $you'll save 20% per bottle