Monkey Barrel 5a counterweight


The new monkey barrel counterweight has some classic features that you will find in the market today. Delrin body, friction fit bearing, and an end plug are standard. We used an extensive prototyping process to refine the shape to be large enough to make an easy catch and kept the edges smooth to ensure comfort. The friction fit bearing and plug all assemble into a classic-looking counterweight. That is where the similarities end.

Using the same technology we used in our Private Reserve begleri, our new counterweights use our proven Control Rod Technology (CRT). This system lets the player fine-tune their weight to exact preferences. As your skill progresses, so too can the counterweight. There are eight machined holes on the bottom of our design. Four of these holes are added to keep the initial weight down, while the remaining four are machined to accept our one-gram control rods, thus letting the player adjust the weight to their own skill and comfort levels. At release time, stores will have the option of white, Black, Red, or blue. Later releases may involve other colour options. Each counterweight will ship with the body, top plug, a bearing, 4 x one gram control rods, and a hex key.

The base model weighs only 10.6 grams.  Having a height of 21mm and a diameter of 24mm the monkey barrel is perfectly contoured to fit your palm and make easy grabs.  Each Barral has 4 weight-reducing holes and 4 threaded sockets for the CRT system.

Shout out to team member Andrew who helped with extensive testing and Will who helped develop the product and create the drawings!  Well done guys.  We also reached out to a few zoo members to help us test prototypes.


  • MonkeyfingeR Vines come in our tangle-free triangle box.  Giving the player the ability to pull one string at a time.  Your days of fighting tanged yoyo strings are at an end.  Available in the following colours, Neon Yellow, Green, Orange and White, thickness regular and PHAT, length regular 1.3m and LONG 1.5m what style is right for you?

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    The MFD Tasmanian Tornado hybrid bearing sport 10 ceramic balls housed in a stainless steel cage.  Our version of this hybrid bearing is a V groove design with hold the string in the centre of the bearing.  This helps to reduce unwanted snags and bind. 

    • 7 $Save 12.5%

    Combining the perfect 2 MFD products together.  Pick up some Gorillius Lubricus.  Your bearing will thank you.  Our lube is the only product that comes with an application brush.  Ensuring you have full control of the exact amount of lube to apply to your bearing.  You'll also get our BUFF.  Want to keep your collection looking perfect while promoting an excellent surface for incredible grinds.  Each BUFF comes with an MFD polish cloth.

    • 8 $Save 20%

Over the past few months, many yo-yo companies and people have produced new designs for counterweights. Now that the 5A patent restrictions have been lifted, I suspect that this style will finally flourish with new ideas, designs, and innovations.

The learning curve for 5A is a steep one for many throwers, and as they progress, they will look to change their counterweight as their skill level increases. Generally, one starts heavy and moves to lighter weights as control and ability improves. This means several different weights over time. But what if you could tune your counterweight to your exacting sweet spot as that sweet spot changes over time? Or what if you could simply adjust the weight to you, rather than you adjusting to the weight? Well, we have the answer!

What can you expect in the bag?

Your new Monkey Barrel counterweight.
4 X control rods
Allen key
top plug
MFD storage bag
2 MFD stickers

I know it's a lot but you'll need it.  It's time you dailed in your 5a skills to the optimum performance.

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